Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How to improve your love relationships?

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You often hear the word "karma" thrown around by different people
telling you a variety of meanings and how it Applies to Your Life.

Some believe that karma is something you get from a past life and
others think that it is something you absorb energetically from other

The truth is that karma just means that every cause has an effect.
What you put out you get back, Whether consciously or unconsciously.
The cause is you (or your mind) and the effect is the results you see
in your life.

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The problem that we all face is that the cause is unseen, driven by
our subconscious mind To find the answer to your dating woes, you have
simply notice what you are creating and go back inside to change the
cause to get a different result - new karma!

A simple way to work with this is to step back and witness your dating
experience. How you see others is really how you see yourself. You can
not notice a defect in a person so unless you have a relationship with
it yourself.

If you are overly judging your matches online by their looks, you most
likely are highly sensitive to your own level of attractiveness. This
is your own karma right back at you.

Do you feel terrible about hurting someone by telling them you are not
interested so you just avoid their calls? This comes from your own
hurt feelings when someone rejects you.

If you do not take dating personally, you can be free to openly
express how you feel with those you date and be upfront and honest
that you just are not interested instead of stringing them along.

You will find you attract more people who give you the same level of
respect and communication.

The most common dating karma I see is if you are attracting people who
are unavailable (married emotionally, way too young or long-distance).
This is Caused by you being emotionally unavailable. Many women and
men are shocked when they discover this because they claim they are so
open and ready for love. They forget to notice they are only open like
that to the ones they can not have.

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There are so many ways to see what is stopping you from attracting the
right person if you just pay attention to the karma that is active in
your life. What are the results you are currently getting in dating?
What is the pattern you see, the common thread in these experiences?
Then, start to change the energy you are putting out by letting go of
judgments of others, having more compassion toward yourself and being
in the energy of love rather than fear and anxiety.

Once you start to become aware of how you are creating and accept full
responsibility for your love life, you can dig deeper into the cause
and change it. Sometimes you may need to go a little deeper and hiring
a coach or working with a system that addresses the subconscious can
get you what you want much faster than doing it on your own.

The tricky part of the word karma is to not get caught up in judgment
of good or bad. Labeling something as good or bad karma is not
accurate and actually contradictory to the truth.

Check out this website: http://HowToSucceedInLife.net/

Sometimes the worst scenarios like break-ups or someone hurting you is
the greatest gift that you could receive in life. Everything is
neutral until your mind puts a label on it.


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